Medicare For All Bumper Sticker 3.5" x 11"

Medicare For All Bumper Sticker 3.5" x 11"

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All stickers same size and shape. Printed on base white. Final appearance same as image above.

- Use indoors or outdoors with peace of mind as each bumper sticker is made with thick vinyl material that has been laminated for top-tier durability against water, sunlight, and scratches.
- Bumper stickers are 'print on demand' so we don't offer returns, cancelations or refunds. The quality is fantastic though, so if you have any problems contact us and we'll work with you.

- All stickers are the same size and shape.
- All stickers printed on base white. Final product same as mockup image.
- Material: premium water-resistant vinyl
- Waterproof sticky adhesive
- Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
- Easy peel backing
- Matte finish